News, Updates and Events

-The next HOA meeting will be held Thursday, March 7, 2024 at 

6:30 p.m. at the Pataskala City Building, 621 West Broad Street, second floor conference room, suite 2B. 


-Join our Neighborhood Block Watch Program-.  If you would like to participate, click here to send an e-mail.

-Have a complaint?  All complaints to the board must be in writing.  Click here to send an email to the trustees.  Please include in your letter the following information:  your name and address, the address of the homeowner in violation, the article and section number of the violation, and details of the violation.  Please see the deed restrictions below to determine the article and section number of the violation.  If the matter is not covered by our covenant of agreement then it is probably a matter for the police.

-Wondering how many pets you can have, what kind of shed you can build, or what about that big camper next door?  Click here to learn about your deed restrictions and amendments. 

-If you notice a street light out near your house report it by calling the city at  (740) 927-2021 or by sending an email to They will usually respond within 48 hours.

-Building a fence, shed, deck, patio, etc.?  Click here for the Architectural Review Form and information about City Building Permits.

-2024 Pataskala Free Garage Sale Dates:  Contact City Hall @ 740 927 2021 for information. Dates are May 17,18,19. And Aug 23,24,25.